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You made it to this web page, I imagine you have been searching for the support that feels like a good match for you. Perhaps it’s for a loved one or for yourself. Or perhaps you are interested in a career in Art Therapy, and are searching for personal therapy; or you work in the field of mental health with children and adolescents and you are seeking support for your clinical work (Clinical Supervision). These are just some of the areas I can support you with.

I’m Karen Sawyer, the founder and Principal Art Psychotherapist at Karen Sawyer Art Therapy Services. I specialise in working with children, young people, concerned parents and carers. As a mental health specialist the range of issues I work with is extensive – problems of mood, behaviour, and self-image; with those on the autistic spectrum or with subtle neuro-developmental difficulties; with historical traumas, transitions and changes in life circumstances.

Struggling with worries, concerns, or very strong emotions like sadness and anger is not uncommon in children or adults. Usually our first response to  stress, is to experience sensations in our body. These sensations can be so distressing or uncomfortable that we try to ignore them, or dampen them down, or we act on the feelings. What we struggle with, is putting into words what is troubling us.

There is a lot more attention paid to stress these days. However, changes in behaviour or personality leading to challenges in family life, school or socialising are often warning signs that we are struggling under pressure.

In Art Therapy, we focus on your experiences, your feelings, your thoughts.  Art making within a consistent therapeutic relationship offers a safe space to start to make sense of these, together.

If you are looking for improvements in how you feel, how you behave, and to increase your focus, attention, concentration and reduce anxiety and depression, then why not try Art Therapy.

Coming to Art Therapy sessions allows changes to happen within the individual, as well as within their relationships. Difficulties at work, school or within social circles reduce and our ability to do well increases. If you are a parent or carer, I offer a space to reflect on your child’s emotional world and to make sense of their behaviour. As a result, parents find new ways of responding and being with their child. Family’s also find that their stress levels reduce.

Where We Can Help

Some of the diagnosed conditions and areas of difficulties which Karen Sawyer works with in Art Therapy:

Parent Carer

anxiety, low mood, erratic moods, depression, anger, sadness, confusion
eating disorders, disruptive, withdrawn, lack of concentration and motivation, self harm, suicidal thoughts
low self esteem, feeling worthless, identity, sexuality
Historical Traumas
Historical Traumas
experiences in relationships such as domestic violence
emotional, sexual or physical abuse, neglect
social communication difficulties associated with autistic spectrum disorders including Asperger's syndrome and autism
Changes In Life Circumstances
Changes In Life Circumstances
redundancy, new jobs, change of career, becoming a parent, new schools, breakdown of relationships, divorce, separation

Children And Young People

Post Trauma
Post Trauma
persistent frightening thoughts, preoccupied with danger, nightmares, agitation, social withdrawal, worry for others
Self Harm
Self Harm
injuring yourself in order to change the way you feel or cope with a difficult situation, feeling isolated, lonely, withdrawn, low mood
isolated, worthless, lonely, anxious, angry, lacking confidence, lashing out at others
School Difficulties
School Difficulties
reluctance, lacking motivation, finding schoolwork difficult, problems concentrating in class, friendship trouble
Friendship Difficulties
Friendship Difficulties
frequent arguments, feeling lonely, isolated, nobody cares, misunderstood, can’t keep friendships, lack of confidence, uncertain
Autistic Spectrum Disorders
Autistic Spectrum Disorders
communicating your thoughts, understanding your emotions, misunderstanding other people, feeling misunderstood, needing routine

Karen Sawyer

Art Psychotherapist located in Tring, UK
I trained as an Art Psychotherapist at Hertfordshire University, as I was inspired to work with people using art as a form of communication. I have continued to expand and develop my skills through a variety of training courses including at Post Graduate level. Keeping updated on evolving ideas and understandings of child development and mental health is part of my passion.
At Karen Sawyer Art Therapy Services we take our data handling and storage seriously and our ‘Privacy Policy’ sets out how we handle your personal data securely and in accordance with your rights. We have always adhered to codes of confidentiality set by our professional and supervising bodies (BAAT and HCPC). We also adhere to legislation upheld by the conditions of our Insurer and current EU data regulations.



Individual therapy for

Students in therapeutic training

Children, young people or adults who can benefit from art therapy may have a wide range of difficulties, or diagnoses. People experiencing emotional difficulties can find that their focus on school, work, hobbies or relationships can become affected.


Therapeutic consultations with parents and carers

To help you develop an understanding of difficult behaviours which may be unsettling your child or family. Therapeutic consultations can also enable you to consider the most effective way to support you child in order to fulfill their potential.


Working with children and young people, clinical supervision, consultations, support and mental health advice to professionals working with children and young people.

I offer:
o Clinical Supervision
o Consultations
o Support
o Mental Health Advice to professionals

Problem solving
Exploring any relationships that they you may struggle with and that may stir up powerful feelings

Raising awareness of mental health and emotional wellbeing, and training relating to specific issues.


Creative Therapy themed Workshops.

These offer a chance to experience creativity within a small group run by an art therapist on a short term basis. To express your interest in attending a group, please email Karen Sawyer.


  • Thank you so much Karen and thank you for all your help. Your service really helped the child receiving art therapy. The child felt very supported.

    Individual therapy sessions Primary School Pupil Deputy Head, Stone Church of England School, Buckinghamshire
  • Carer stated she would certainly recommend the service to a friend if they needed similar help and felt that Karen Sawyer knew how to help with the problem they were facing.

    Individual therapy sessions Primary School Pupil Carer of 7 Year Old Child
  • “Thank you for being the best art therapist ever!!”

    Individual Therapy Sessions Primary School Student
  • “Thank you for all you’ve done for me”

    Individual Therapy Sessions Adolescent
  • Thank you so much for arranging the meeting for yesterday and for all your valuable input.

    Individual Therapy Sessions Carer of an Adolescent Attending Individual therapy sessions
  • I wanted to take the opportunity to say how much we have valued the sessions.

    Individual Therapy Sessions Parent of an Adolescent Attending Individual therapy sessions
  • There was a wonderful abundance of materials available. We felt there was good feedback at the end of the project regarding the progress of the young people.

    Therapeutic Group work with Adolescents Youth Worker & Manager, Swan Youth Centre, Hertfordshire
  • The facilitator was very knowledgable. The Workshop was very interesting. It was a relaxed environment It was very creative. It was fun and engaging. It was interactive and fun. It felt therapeutic.

    Stress Busting Workshop for Employees Comments from Workshop delegates

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COVID-19 Update

Following the latest announcement from the Government and the restrictions imposed due to the 3rd National Lockdown, we are constantly reviewing and adapting our service delivery within the guidance.

We want to do everything we can to continue to keep everyone as safe as possible especially our clients, therapists and their families whilst also maintaining the support we provide.

We have had to limit our current offerings which are being delivered remotely. As soon as it is deemed safe to return to face to face work we will be offering this and will continue to offer remote access for those families who may need to continue in that way.


We will be providing updates on our website. If you have any questions, please contact us directly.

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