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Parenting is a tough job, whether you are parenting in a couple, as a separated parent or as a carer. As parents we need to be adaptable. As our children grow and move through each developmental stage our parenting skills also need to adjust. Sometimes we can feel confident in our abilities, at other times we can feel like every decision we make is wrong. We can be left feeling bewildered and anxious about our children, and our role as parent. Our identity can come under question and our self esteem can be impacted as well as our ability to care for our child.
Depending on a child’s age, emotional difficulties can present in various ways. Children and young people can feel stressed, angry, anxious or down from time to time.
However, sometimes these feelings are present for longer periods and harder to resolve. Behaviour can change and things can deteriorate quickly. Your child may seem to struggle to understand or manage their own emotional and behavioural responses to situations. They can become overwhelmed. When they impact on a child’s school performance, their hobbies and interests or relationships, it is time to take action.
Children who experience emotional and behavioural difficulties may require extra support alongside their parents. Within Art Therapy sessions your child can be supported to consider thoughts, feelings and behaviours that are not easily put into words

What can Karen Sawyer offer you as a parent…

• An initial telephone consultation to consider the concerns you have and whether I may be able to help
• A consultation meeting at my clinic in Tring
• During this meeting we can explore the difficulties you or your child is having, identify where you require support, and decide on the best way forward
Onward support may include:
• Individual Art Therapy sessions for a child or young person usually on a weekly basis
• Regular Parent Support sessions
• Regular meetings with parents to review your child’s overall progress and agree when it is the right time to conclude Art Therapy.

As a Parent or Carer what should I know about Art Therapy…

• To provide a safe therapeutic environment the content of sessions are confidential, unless your child wants something specific shared with you. We can discuss themes and any insights relating to emotional wellbeing during our review meetings.
• All information is treated respectfully and confidentially. I will ask for your permission before contacting other professionals involved in your child’s care.
• In the event that information is disclosed of a safeguarding nature, either relating to a child or vulnerable person, I will endeavour to share my concerns with you. I do have a duty to share these concerns with other relevant professionals.

What is the Aim of Therapeutic Consultations with parents and carers?…

• To enable you to better understand your child’s behaviour and what may be unsettling your child.
• To consider your child’s developmental needs and how best to respond to them
• To find the most effective way to support your child in order to fulfil their potential.
• To find a way to regain your confidence and resilience as a parent
• To identify any further practical or emotional support required

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COVID-19 Update

Following the latest announcement from the Government and the restrictions imposed due to the 3rd National Lockdown, we are constantly reviewing and adapting our service delivery within the guidance.

We want to do everything we can to continue to keep everyone as safe as possible especially our clients, therapists and their families whilst also maintaining the support we provide.

We have had to limit our current offerings which are being delivered remotely. As soon as it is deemed safe to return to face to face work we will be offering this and will continue to offer remote access for those families who may need to continue in that way.


We will be providing updates on our website. If you have any questions, please contact us directly.

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