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As a trained professional or a trainee embarking on a career with vulnerable and complex people, you will know that a fundamental tenet of most training courses is learning from experience. We are taught to be reflective and to focus on how we responded to a situation, the impact it had on us and our clients and to consider alternative possibilities. It can be difficult to find opportunities for reflective thinking in a busy work environment which can result in decision making ‘on auto pilot’.
As a trainee reflective thinking is a skill that can be developed. It enables us to take the theory we learn and put it into practice in a dynamic way. It also encourages us to explore our assumptions, beliefs and develop problem solving.
Reflective thinking is essential to good practice especially when working with complex situations and vulnerable people.

What can Karen Sawyer offer you as a Professional or Trainee?..

• An initial telephone consultation to consider your needs, your working environment and clientèle and whether I may be able to help
• Consultation meetings at my clinic in Tring
• Clinical supervision
• Reflective practice
• Mental health awareness
• Training in mental health, emotional wellbeing and relational issues

Art Therapy and Social Care Teams…

I offer services to professionals who work with children who may be accommodated or under Care Orders with Local Authorities. I also offer individual therapy to children within these care arrangements.

Art Therapy and Education Settings…

I am able to provide support to pupils and staff in line with the Special Educational Needs code of practice. Art Therapy can support pupils in their social and emotional development. Improvements can be noted in areas of communication and interaction, both within small groups and the wider school context, encouraging full participation in school life.
Offering a space for an alternative way of communicating can allow pupils the opportunity to find focus; distractions can be reduced and attention improved.

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COVID-19 Update

Following the latest announcement from the Government and the restrictions imposed due to the 3rd National Lockdown, we are constantly reviewing and adapting our service delivery within the guidance.

We want to do everything we can to continue to keep everyone as safe as possible especially our clients, therapists and their families whilst also maintaining the support we provide.

We have had to limit our current offerings which are being delivered remotely. As soon as it is deemed safe to return to face to face work we will be offering this and will continue to offer remote access for those families who may need to continue in that way.


We will be providing updates on our website. If you have any questions, please contact us directly.

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