• Thank you so much Karen and thank you for all your help. Your service really helped the child receiving art therapy. The child felt very supported. Individual therapy sessions Primary School Pupil

    Deputy Head , Stone Church of England School, Buckinghamshire
  • Carer stated she would certainly recommend the service to a friend if they needed similar help and felt that Karen Sawyer knew how to help with the problem they were facing. Individual therapy sessions Primary School Pupil

    Carer of 7 year old
  • “Thank you for being the best art therapist ever!!” Individual therapy sessions

    Primary school student
  • “Thank you for all you’ve done for me” Individual Therapy Sessions

  • Thank you so much for arranging the meeting for yesterday and for all your valuable input. Individual Therapy Sessions

    Carer of an Adolescent Attending Individual therapy sessions
  • I wanted to take the opportunity to say how much we have valued the sessions. Individual Therapy Sessions

    Parent of an Adolescent Attending Individual therapy sessions
  • There was a wonderful abundance of materials available. We felt there was good feedback at the end of the project regarding the progress of the young people. Therapeutic Groupwork with Adolescents

    Youth worker & Manager, Swan Youth Centre, Hertfordshire
  • The facilitator was very knowledgable. The Workshop was very interesting. It was a relaxed environment It was very creative. It was fun and engaging. It was interactive and fun. It felt therapeutic. Stress Busting Workshop for Employees

    Comments from Workshop delegates
  • Karen really understood and helped me and my Mum and Dad. It was really good. Individual Art Therapy

    Primary school child
  • Art Therapy makes me feel special and it’s lovely to have someone who is lovely and plays with me and is helpful. Karen helps me and she helps my Mum and Dad. I can talk about the difficult things that happen with Karen. We do art together too. Individual Art Therapy

    Teenager, Individual Art Therapy
  • Since attending weekly Art Therapy with Karen, our son’s behaviour has changed for the better. His attitude towards his mum has improved. Also his verbal expression, descriptive language and communication are very much improved. Individual Art Therapy

    Parent of Teenager attending Individual Art Therapy
  • We cannot fault the service we received – the therapy was great, as were all the communications/administrative elements.  We always did our best to attend the regular sessions but on the odd occasion when this wasn’t possible, Karen was always as flexible. Individual Art Therapy

    Parent of 9 year old attending Individual Art Therapy
  • As parents we approached Karen with concerns about our then-9 year old child who at the time was struggling hugely with anxiety and she treated us as a ‘whole’ family with regular parent-only meetings, individual parent meetings, family meetings and weekly meetings for our child.   We felt that the approach was very thorough and consequently the whole family has benefitted, not just our child. Our child was worried about the first few meetings on his own but Karen handled this very well, easing him gradually into things and we always felt comfortable that he was in a safe and secure environment when we weren’t with him. The ‘door was always open’ if any extra meetings were required – as a Mum, I found this very reassuring and helpful,  in fact when we started out on the process I wasn’t expecting the service to offer me personally as much help as it did.  Karen provided us all with the chance to make sense of what was going on in terms of behaviours and family dynamics, plus the space and time in which to think and talk about it all.   She gave all of us individual and family strategies to help us cope with challenging situations and even though we are not currently meeting with her, these ‘emotional tools’ will always be of use to us all. Individual Art Therapy

    Parent of 9 year old attending Individual Art Therapy
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